Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My Learning Goals

Today we looked through our reports from last year. We identified a next step (goal) for reading, writing and maths. Here are my goals:

Maths: my next step is to make connections e.g 1/3 of 12 is the same as 3x ? = 12
To achieve this goal I will: practice at home and get better and better. I need to learn all my times tables.

Reading: his next goal is to take time to work out the meanings
To achieve this goal I will: practice getting the meaning. I can use the clues in the story to help me.

Writing:my next step is to use a range of sentence starter
To achieve this goal I will: I will practice my sentence starter. I will use my writers notebook to collect ideas on ways to start sentences.

We also looked at our STAR results.
  • Word recognition I got _10__ out of 10.
  • Sentence comprehension I got _10__ out of 10.
  • Paragraph comprehension I got _12__ out of 15.
  • Vocabulary I got __10_ out of 10.

I am going to focus on: Paragraph comprehension

To improve in this area I will: Use the links on our blog.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Active Listening

We are learning about different types of listening. There are 3 main types of listening that we learnt about. Busy Listening - When the person listening is busy doing something. They are too busy to concentrate on what is being said. Me Too Listening - When the person listening has a story that they feel is more important than the person talking so they interrupt and share their story instead of listening. Active Listening - When the person listening looks at the person talking, concentrates, gives non-verbal feedback (e.g. nodding) and asks questions about the story. To learn about the different types of listening, we watched this video:


 As a class we created our own video to help us understand the different types.
After practising each type of listening, we realised…

  • Busy listening makes us feel like you’re not listening to us. We found it really hard to keep talking. 
  • Me too listening makes us feel frustrated and sad that you think your story is more important. 
  • Active listening makes us feel valued. We know you are listening because you are looking, nodding, asking questions. 

 As a class we are all trying to get better at being active listeners.

My Family

We are learning to introduce our family in Te Reo.

My Reflection: I need to practise my family names and all the Maori types

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

hailstones in music time

In music with Jenny we are learning to play in a band. We are all learning different instruments and we are working on our rhythm. Check out our videos:

My Reflection:

at music we did a hailstones it sounded epic there was a glockenspiel tambourine drums 
wooden stick have a listen        

Swimming goal

My reflection I think I should work on keeping my chin down and work on my floppy floppy legs
And try not to stand up half way through I think I need more practise and sticky glue

Van Gogh Styled Art

We are learning to paint like Van Gogh. We have read lots of books and watched some tutorials. We've experimented with painting our portraits and now we have had a go at painting sunflowers.

Our paintings needs to have
  • short brush strokes
  • bright colours
  • positive & negative images (Main object with a complementing background)

We watched this video before starting to help us with our painting.

I am proud…
The most challenging part was…
If I were to do it again I would...

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hexagon maths - My maths learning

I like doing maths this way using my five times tables it is much easier

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Swimming sport

                                                 Swimming sport at the ledo.                                                                 first thing we were out of school and at the lideo I was scared then I was on freestyle. It was great I didn't feel as scared as before now it was time for backstroke.It made me feel even better.It was the best day ever hoooonnnkkk! The hooter went I new that was the year 6's doing breath stroke my favourite I new that I was up next then my name was called I new that I was going to get in the water. Honk and I was swimming faster than a cheetah! At least I was better than last time. The scores were backstroke 4,freestyle 2,breathstroke 2! Wow then we went to th esplanade. Then we got back to school this was the happiest day of my life I wish I can do it again tomorrow. The end