Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Swimming sport

                                                 Swimming sport at the ledo.                                                                 first thing we were out of school and at the lideo I was scared then I was on freestyle. It was great I didn't feel as scared as before now it was time for backstroke.It made me feel even better.It was the best day ever hoooonnnkkk! The hooter went I new that was the year 6's doing breath stroke my favourite I new that I was up next then my name was called I new that I was going to get in the water. Honk and I was swimming faster than a cheetah! At least I was better than last time. The scores were backstroke 4,freestyle 2,breathstroke 2! Wow then we went to th esplanade. Then we got back to school this was the happiest day of my life I wish I can do it again tomorrow. The end

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  1. Well done Ryan very proud of you even though you say you don't want to go you always give it your best.
    I really like your describing words in your writing.
    Keep it up