Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Tomorrow on the the 11th of November is market day!

It was fun shopping and selling. At the end everybody was happy. The market day products I got was so cool and epic. Alex didn't have any money so I bought him a car track ticket that was fun. We chose our products by voting as a class. We used plastic jelly beans and cups. We got 4 beans to insert your favourite one. After voting we had flat packs,candy cane rain deer and popsicle xmas trees!

 (Knock knock! Who’s there? Brain busters. Brain busters who? Brain busters  are having an epic sail at market day.  They are so fruity and delicious...Oh you may be wondering what ‘they’ are?... They are… AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, FUNKY LOOKING CANDY CANE REINDEER! Epic sail they are only $1 come on down to Russell Street School. Think fast or you will be the last.

We also sold Wooden flat packs and popsicle christmas trees.

Mum and I had a wonderful time shopping and we were pretty happy customers. We made $144.10.  It was so cool and it was really loud and everything sold out!


  1. it was a epic sail me and mum had a great time shopping and alex was happy at the end

  2. Ryan I had a great time shopping with you as well it was an amazing morning.
    Santa will look great on the tree this year.
    Well done everyone

    Clare / mum