Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Purswasive writing

The Dear govermemt  i should own a big Island!

I would build a dinosaur attraction for big moola we will be rich moola moola moola!  With that moola some to bills and also new attractions.

I will be famous I will have lots of safety  restrictions. I will invent knew tech and I will blow people's minds plus I will give you a free tour and I will take you to the control room.

One tiny island would power the big  island so the small island will hold a power source  that is powerful enough to power 8 countries  because the tech and super electric fences would need lots of power.

Plus big boats = lots of tourists it will be so cool that people will faint and we will advance to better Dino's ones that will scare parents  but for safety there will be big acu  staitions all over the park so if something goes wrong they will now there weaknesses and take care of the promlemo.

You don’t want me to be sad  and then I can’t follow my dreams  :( ☠️‍

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